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S Claz Productions is a Multi-Media company that can facilitate audio/music production, video/film production, and clothing/branding production.  Our team of professionals produce high quality work that will surely grab the attention of your target audience. If you are ready to bring your business to life contact us now!  


Steven “S Claz” Sneed was born and raised in Pasadena California.  S Claz began producing music in 1998.  By the turn of the millennium S Claz was producing songs for many independent and on the verge artists.  Aside from music production S Claz began honing his skills as an audio engineer in 2002.  S Claz was heavily influenced by Dr. Dre and other industry professionals.  S Claz worked closely with friends and production partners Paco Swartz and Michael Towns.  When the three join forces musically they are known as the “Beat Family”. S Claz has produced; Paco Swartz “Rose On Em”, Paco Swartz “Daddy Was A Hustla”, Reborn “The Watery Grave”, Reborn “The 2nd Coming”, S Claz “The Clazic”, S Claz “The Clazic II”. S Claz “The Clazic III, Paco Swartz "Red Achtober", Mike Towns “Born Winner”, and S Claz "Pasadena Documentary Soundtrack”. 


In 2017 Steven Sneed of S Claz Productions, Jason Hardin of Hardway Enterprise, and Michael Towns of Mike Towns Movies embarked on a journey to produce a film on their hometown. PASADENA: Exploring Solutions To Reduce Gang Violence, is a powerful solution driven documentary that is sure to shed light on the dynamics of gang violence in the 23 square mile, world-renowned city of Pasadena, California. This film contains exclusive interviews with individuals who have been involved with the gang lifestyle, prominent residents, parents who have lost their children to gang violence, city officials, educators, and service providers who deal with this issue on a daily basis.  This film brings voices to the table that are often overlooked and allows each person to share solutions from their perspective. The impact sparks powerful dialogue, creates  collaborations, and continues to inspired viewers to take action.


S Claz Productions collaborated and joined Jason Hardin of "Hardway Enterprise" in the expansion of the Pasadena based apparel company "Made In Dena". The brands recognition is growing rapidly throughout the city and beyound.  Aside from our own brands, S Claz Productions provides custom clothing production services to individuals, small businesses, schools, sports teams, church groups, non-profits, and corporations.   


Steven Sneed of S Claz Productions is an active member in the community and brings people together through music, film, clothing, and community events. 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!        




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